Travelling everyday

The day of a commuter begins

… seeing the landscape through the window of the train

8 a.m – a glimpse at an empty square

Piazza del Duomo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of Pisan Romanesque style around the globe

I wish to know more about Romanesque architecture…

Break time

In Pisa there are many places where you can taste typical food

  • schiacciata
  • torta coi bischeri
  • brutti ma boni
  • mucco pisano
  • budino di riso



Sometimes I walk across the Arno river

Sometimes I make weird encounters

When I return to the square in the evening, the place is much more crowded

People are always different

But always making the same

Trying to catch the best point of view…

But in the brightest days, just turn your back to the tower and look at one of the most astonishing views …

the sunset behind the walls

Hurry up …

I’m losing the train!!!!!

Pisa street art

another day is coming ; )